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This is About anyone who wants to know, if its true Emily Moore the 7th grader

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when she was 2 she lived in a Tribble city, I don't know whats it is called. it was full of nasty people rapist, drug dealers all that sorts of people, her biological father Shawn Moore would beat on her mother, Heidi Gagnon (savoy). They moved out into strong. when they did her moms friend wanted her to meet a guy Ronnie, well anyways. Emily has been raped, sexually violated, and every time she makes a mistake when she goes home she puts a scar on her arm, She's so used to getting hurt it doesn't bother her anymore. I remember she told me in 4th grade she likes this guy Named Jason. one of her friends jazmine irene fish betrayed her(6th grade) and dated him because Emily liked him but then Emily had enough and punch her it went silent then jazmine cried, of course jason didn't even know it was about him. know she's in 7th grade and that Jason Moody boy makes her happy everyone see they are a great couple but them. and know Emily comes home happy but still with depression. She keeps a bright smile even though she gets abuise by her older brother. and no one cares she screams help when she says she's okay no one's their for her.

Thats is Emily Ellen Moore Savoy

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